Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain

My first hike in North Carolina. I took my dog and off we went. Grandfather Mountain trails are not for pets but great if you want a challenge. Further up the trail you will have to use a rope to help you up the side of slate rocks. The bridge is easy to get to, but your pet may not like the steel grate. No waterfalls but it is very beautiful. There is a fee to park here.

Superstition Mountain, AZ


Any time you are hiking in AZ, try to go early in the day. The sun is scorching midday and you do not want to lose momentum trying to get to the top. Bring water on any of these hikes as well. Dogs are welcome, but please watch out for snakes and keep them on a leash. Rattlesnakes are common, but usually not on or close to the trail itself. STAY ON THE TRAIL. The trail is perfectly safe, but you never know what you’ll run into wandering off of it. From various cacti to snakes, you will not want to get bitten or pricked by any. The hike is easy to moderate and ages range from 6-80 that can manage the shorter hike. For more of a challenge, others attempt to reach the top and try the longer trail. Either way, its a fun trail to see the desert wildlife; animals and plants you don’t see anywhere else.

Triple Falls Trail

This is a short but beautiful trail, pets welcome. There are a few hills, but nothing strenuous. This trail is very populated around the summer and especially the summer holidays, but the views are worth it. Areas around offer camp sites to spend the weekend. There is also a town close by to catch a good meal and antique shop if that interest you as well. Not too far from this is Sliding Rock, where you or another adventurous person would slide down a slate rock into a pool of cold water from the mountain – another one the more popular things to do but well worth it if you have the guts!